Vladimir Putin: Hero Patrol

This award-winning animated pilot chronicles the life of international hero and all-around good guy Vladimir Putin as he fights for right and justice both as a President on the world stage and as an underground jujitsu crime fighter on the mean streets of Moscow. (Official Selection Vegas Cinefest)

The Sex Tutor

The Sex Tutor (feature comedy) tells the heartwarming story of a high-strung high school kid who—dumped by his first girlfriend for less-than-stellar lovemaking skills—makes the obvious, logical choice to hire a nationally (in)famous call girl who brought down a sitting congressman to teach him to “bone.”

I'm Not Me

In this sci-fi feature, a scientist with a degenerative brain disease gets more than he bargained for when he agrees to be his corporation’s personal guinea pig for a project to place his consciousness into the body of a robot.​


​​Sam Johnson's Portfolio

Screenplays and Pilots

Spring Fling

In this feature romcom, when a high school senior is forced to lived with her grandma in a retirement community, she’s at first pretty bummed—until she finds out a fellow retiree has crush on her grandma and decides to be her unwilling grandma’s own personal wingman.

Prison Blues

In this 30-minute live-action pilot, a nerdy 16-year-old, through a series of unfortunate coincidences, finds himself in a supermax prison and, following an “accidental shivving”, at the helm of a gang.